Lewes Public Library Workshop:

6 Steps to Legacy Planning for the Generations

October 11, 2021 at 10AM -11AM EST
LIVE Workshop at the Lewes Public Library
Your family legacy touches every aspect of your financial decisions starting with how you choose to spend and save money today and continuing into the decisions made by future generations of your family. Join us on October 11th at the Lewes Public Library for a live, in-person workshop where we'll take a deeper dive into the importance of creating a legacy plan for your family.
Your legacy will write Itself—for better or worse. Don't leave your legacy uncharted.
You have a lifetime of assets, wisdom, experiences, and values. But how do you convey them to the next generation in a way that honors your legacy? Too many people get it wrong. But it shouldn’t be that way. Consider these two legacy scenarios: SCENARIO 1: You do little or nothing, and leave behind incomplete or conflicting documents. Fighting among family members ensues. Unexpected taxes hit. Important sentiments get left unsaid. SCENARIO 2: Your spouse is cared for, your children are prepared for inheritance, your grandchildren understand how you lived and what you believed. Which legacy would you like to leave behind?
These are the topics we'll be covering during this exclusive, free workshop
Market Analysis
6 Step Process to Leave a Legacy
A six-step process to start leaving your mark on the next generation
Generational Planning
How generational planning is replacing traditional, stuffy estate planning
Money Management
Consequences of Not Having a Legacy
What happens when a legacy isn’t planned
Leaving a Legacy Can Be Easy (and Fun!)
How legacy planning can be a meaningful, even fun, process
Planning for Incapacity
How to plan for sudden incapacity
Start Up
Importance of Leaving Your Mark
The importance of expressing your wishes and conveying your values
How to Transfer Your Wealth
How to successfully transfer your wealth, tangible and intangible
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Ken works with business owners, professionals, retirees, and pre-retirees to develop tax centered financial planning strategies that incorporate cash flow analysis, portfolio management, and risk management into one comprehensive plan that is easy to understand and implement. This process requires closely working with his clients’ other trusted accounting, banking, and legal advisors. Ken transitioned to Black Diamond Financial Solutions because of the firm’s long term vision which is centered on comprehensive planning and truly being a family’s trusted lifetime advisor. Ken appreciates that the planners at Black Diamond Financial Solutions are not looking for clients right now; instead, they are looking for clients for life. The most important thing to Ken is making sure his clients are confident, comfortable, and in control of their finances.

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