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Financial planning is a comprehensive process that includes analysis of your cash flow, savings, debts, investments, insurance and other elements of your financial life. A good financial plan takes the stress out of setting and prioritizing goals and establishes clear strategies for achieving them.

Whether your financial goal is to save for college, start a family, or retire some place tropical, a financial planner will play as essential role in establishing a strategy that will help make your dreams a reality. 

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How Can A Financial Advisor In Southern Delaware Assist You?

The following are just a few of the key services that Black Diamond Financial Solutions, Inc. provides to bring you financial peace of mind.  

Budgeting: While navigating the financial obligations that arise at various life stages, e.g. college tuition, marriage, childbirth and retirement, a financial advisor can help clients stay on track for their long-term goals by properly managing the present.

Debt Structuring: Getting a loan is a big decision that can affect your finances for years to come. Whether you are considering a mortgage, student loan, or credit card(s), the financial planners at BDFS can assist by researching various lenders, loan products and loan terms that best align with your financial goals.

Cash Flow Planning: Cash flow planning involves understanding the components that make up where money comes from, where it goes, and what choices are appropriate in relation to your overall financial plan and goals. It is an active, ongoing process that the financial advisors at BDFS can assist with.

Education planning saving for college:  In a recent Sallie Mae survey, 97 percent of polled parents responded that “they believe college is an investment in their child’s future”; however, less than half of the surveyed parents have a plan to pay for college tuition. The assistance of a financial advisor helps to reduce the stress and financial uncertainty that college tuition may otherwise bring.

Planning for families with special needs children: With careful planning and preparation, you can help to ensure that your special needs child has the help he or she needs now and for the future. Working with a qualified financial planner, you will have the tools and expertise needed to make informed decisions for your child’s future.

Total wealth portfolio analysis:  The professional financial advisor at BDFS manage the wealth of a client by utilizing the full spectrum of financial disciplines available, e.g. financial and investment advice, legal or estate planning, accounting, tax services, and retirement planning.

Real Estate planning: Many people believe that a financial plan or estate plan manages your real estate portfolio, but this is usually not the case.  There are significant differences between financial planning, estate planning and real estate planning.  At BDFS, we help clients evaluate, position, and maximize their real estate potential through effective planning strategies.

Middle Age Couple

Does This Sound Like You?

Key Concerns:
Long term wealth accumulation
Financially, protecting their Son with special needs

43 and 42

Tom and Julie love their son Jack and want to make sure he is financially secure, even when they’re gone. Their son has special needs, and they are looking for a firm that can give them peace of mind that Jack will be cared for.

Tom and Julie are both successful professionals with hectic schedules associated with their professional careers. Tom and Julie are also proud parents of their son Jack, who has autism. Tom and Julie want to protect Jack’s financial future, all while worrying about their own savings, career advancement, and lifestyle goals. Tom and Julie are fiercely protective of their son, and work as hard as they do to make sure his life is as fulfilling as it can be.

Tom and Julie had a long search for the right professionals who had the credentials and care to map out their future, and more importantly their Sons’. Black Diamond prides itself on its attention to detail, recognizing that even the smallest mistake for a family planning for a child with special needs can be financially devastating. Success stems from coordinating a team of professionals to ensure account titling, estate documents, and beneficiary designations are always up to date and accurate, and that diligence is the only way to make sure Jack’s financial future is secured.

Tom and Julie are now more confident focusing on their careers because they know that their partnership with the right advisory practice will protect Tom from the risks they don’t see or anticipate. They are happy they found a special relationship with a firm that specializes in special needs planning.

Please Note: The above Case Study is hypothetical and does not involve an actual client. Clients and prospective clients could experience different results while engaged with BDFS capital.

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