Retirement Planning

Financial Planning for Retirement

The thought of retirement is something that nearly every employed individual looks forward to; however, with that anticipation also comes a whole new set of questions and financial considerations. If you can imagine the way you’d like to spend your retirement years, the financial advisors at Black Diamond Financial Solutions, Inc can help you plan for it.

With employer pensions on the decline and uncertainty surrounding Social Security, retirement planning is more essential than ever. At BDFS, our retirement planning experts can help determine what you’ll need in order to achieve your desired retirement plans, and together we will develop an income strategy to get you to your goal. We’ll analyze your expenses, priorities, and goals and help put your money to work, so you can have peace of mind once you are ready to leave the 9-5 behind. 

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When planning for retirement, a financial planner spends time getting to know you and your goals, so you can trust that every decision will be made with your best interests in mind. Your financial advisor will develop a custom retirement plan that’s based on your personal goals and financial situation and will help you implement the strategies needed to achieve your goals.

Your retirement planner will work with you to determine if you’re on track for retirement by:

  • analyzing cash flow and investment strategies
  • review and balance your investment portfolio
  • establishing IRA rollover strategies when you leave your employer.
  • determining the optimal timing and selection of Social Security benefits
  • analyzing safe investment withdrawal strategies for retirement
  • minimizing tax liabilities

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Retiring To Southern Delaware?

You’ve had a successful career, and you want to retire with the sun on your face, the ocean at your feet, with your fishing rod in hand. You’ve decided that southern Delaware is the perfect place to retire, beautiful beaches, great communities, and most importantly, attractive real estate taxes!

Now you’re here, and you realize your professional team in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York or Maryland don’t know the specifics of Delaware taxation, Sussex or Kent county-specific probate fees, or the State’s liability rules. You’ve realized that you now need to confirm that your estate plan still works, if your retirement income is taxable in Delaware, and is your account titling beneficial in your new State. It’s a daunting task that will be difficult for your advisory team several hundred miles away in your previous State.

Black Diamond can help. We’ve made a business of helping retirees transitioning from out of state to lovely southern Delaware. We’re experts in the wealth management topics specific to southern Delaware’s retirees. We’ve also built deep, vetted, relationships with mortgage lenders, property and casualty agents, bankers, attorney’s and accountants who are experts in their field, to make your transition to the state as financially seamless as possible.

Let us help you take the financial stress out of your exciting new transition.

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Does This Sound Like You?

Key Concerns:
Social security timing
Taxes in retirement
Market risk

63 and 64

After successful careers Mark and Lori are looking to secure their golden years by making the right choices about social security, income taxes and market risk.

Mark and Lori had successful careers in New York state as a teacher and business owner. They’ve happily relocated to Delaware, and are looking forward to retirement. With hard work they accumulated several million dollars in retirement assets, a sizable pension, and a large portfolio of taxable investments. Feeling overwhelmed by pension choices, starting social security, and the risk in their investment accounts, and taxes in retirement, they looked for an advisory firm that could help.

At Black Diamond we understand that starting retirement is incredibly stressful, and that mistakes at the start of your retirement can have a dramatically negative affect on how enjoyable this period of our clients lives will be. Mark and Lori’s main concerns were not paying too much in income taxes, making smart choices with social security, and limiting market risk. Black Diamond prides itself on navigating these sensitive issues, and through our process, we are confident that clients like Mark and Lori are far more confident about their retirement.

With Black Diamond, you get more than just an investment Manager. We understand that there is so much more to wealth management than what’s in your retirement accounts. We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to help them put their retirement puzzle pieces, like social security, investments and income taxes, together. After working with Black Diamond, our clients, know the full picture because we’ve fit the puzzle pieces together.

Please Note: The above Case Study is hypothetical and does not involve an actual client. Clients and prospective clients could experience different results while engaged with BDFS capital.

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