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The reality is wealth management is about synthesizing all of the relevant financial data in your life.
That thought alone is overwhelming, so here are the areas in which BDFS can help broken down by planning category

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Financial Planning

A strong financial plan takes the stress out of setting and prioritizing goals and will establish clear strategies for achieving the desired results.

retirement planning in Rehoboth Beach DE

Retirement Planning

If you can imagine the way you’d like to spend your retirement years, our professional financial advisors can help you plan for it.

Investment Planning in Rehoboth Beach DE

Investment Planning

Our financial planners will identify the best opportunities for wealth accumulation, preservation and tax minimization.

Insurance Planning in Rehoboth Beach DE

Insurance Planning

Selecting the proper insurance policies can make the difference between appropriate coverage for life’s unexpected events, versus financial ruin.

Tax Planning in Rehoboth Beach DE

Income Tax Planning

Tax efficiency is a vital part of a financial plan at every stage and as such, we approach tax planning as both a year-round and lifelong process.

estate planning in Rehoboth Beach DE

Estate Planning

Through estate planning, you can ensure that your loved ones are continually provided for after you’ve passed.

These things don’t exist in a vacuum, and BDFS has experts in these planning areas
with the ability to tie it all together making your financial planning simpler and more efficient.

Our Process

It is impossible to feel confident in a decision if you don’t feel confident in the information you’re evaluating. Our process solves that problem by making our clients experts in their financial data, so they are empowered to approach any financial decisions they encounter confidently. Our process is designed to bring every piece of your information to the table so you and Black Diamond’s advisory team can digest, evaluate and understand your situation in its entirety. Deep fact-finding leads to better data, which leads to better understanding, which leads to cleaner implementation which ultimately leads to financial focus and empowerment. Our clients leave our office focused and confident in their economic success.


Our evaluation process centers on two core axioms: clarity and focus. When we work with our clients, our team wants to lend our focus through comprehensive fact-finding, and data analysis to consistently give our clients clarity about the issues contained within their finances. We firmly believe that asking the right questions, and constantly listening for feedback, updates, and changes puts our clients in the best possible position for success.


Once we feel like we have the proper focus, and clear understanding of our client’s financial information we begin to synthesize the data into an active wealth management plan. We have extensive knowledge of taxation, risk management, cash flow, wealth transfers, financial modeling, and the capital markets. We know our client’s resources aren’t infinite so we assess the relative priorities of their goals and begin the process of improving their overall financial situation by maximizing the resources our clients possess. We believe that the world changes rapidly, so long term success is built upon the appropriate plan for today with the proper flexibility to handle the challenges of an uncertain tomorrow. We communicate with our clients regularly to ensure our plans change as their needs change.


After your wealth management strategy has been outlined we begin working diligently on the creation of your personally attuned investment strategy. We believe an academic, and evidenced-based approach, with a tax-efficient overlap, is the appropriate way to craft our client portfolios. We follow systematic rebalancing and risk control rules to ensure we tailor our portfolios to both our client’s risk tolerance and capacity. We believe in complete transparency, so our clients have full access to their accounts via our online reporting systems. We also observe that our clients think differently about the markets as conditions change, so our tools allow us to monitor those risk tolerance changes so we can reach out to our clients when they are feeling uncertain or uncomfortable. We believe it is vital that we communicate with our clients when the market is frightening to help them remain focused on their long term objectives. The markets change, and these tools allow our clients to understand how we are continually striving to maximize their assets so that they efficiently achieve their long term goals.


Our clients live complex financial lives that contain tax, legal and human capital considerations. We understand that we need to work in conjunction with our client’s, legal, accounting, and insurance advisory team. We firmly believe that open lines of communication with our client’s key advisors ensure that our client’s financial issues are considered from all of the appropriate angles. We believe that a strong planning team, collaboratively acting in our clients best interest ultimately serves our clients best. We are happy to actively involve your legal, accounting, banking, and insurance team in any recommendations we make. Our client’s finances do not happen in a vacuum, and this collaborative mindset sets Black Diamond apart.

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